Internships in European Union

Who ?

  • Professionals (employees & self-employed)

Duration ?

  • Minimum 1 month
  • Maximum 3 months

How ?

  • Master Talent Foundation manages an international network of hotels and restaurants accepting internships
  • An individual trainee programme will be drawn up custom-made for the applicant
  • A contract will be drawn up between trainee and training company

Conditions ?

  • Both trainee and training company have to be domiciled in a country of the European Union
  • Candidate-trainees originating from outside the European Union have to dispose of a valid visa for the European Union

Price ?

  • € 550 (training programme) + € 250 (trainee contract)
  • Financial support is possible through ERASMUS+programme from the European Union (under conditions)

These internships are organized by Master Talent Foundation


More info ?
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