Internships in Belgium

Who ?

  • Belgian employees in hospitality industry (hotel/restaurant/catering)

Duration ?

  • Minimum 1 week
  • Maximum 1 month

How ?

  • Trainee and trainee company make mutual agreements
  • Horeca Vorming Vlaanderen start een stagedossier op
  • Horeca Vorming Vlaanderen will start up a trainee record
  • The employee will be enrolled in an adult training centre for a trainee programme ‘Hotel’
  • Training centre will draw up contract between trainee and trainee company

Conditions ?

  • Trainee and trainee company have to be operational in hospitality industry (hotel/restaurant/catering - joint industrial committee 302)
  • Into possession of (minimum) official certificate ‘Commis Chef’ or ‘Commis Waiter’

Price ?

  • Between € 60 and € 180 (enrolment fee training centre)

These internships are supported and funded by Horeca Vorming Vlaanderen